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Dirk Nowitzki nickname: Here are all his nicknames in NBA

Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki was born in the German city of Wurzburg in 1978.

His father, Jorg-Werner, was a well-known handball player who played for the German national team. Dirk’s mother Helga, like his older sister Silke, was a basketball player.

Nowitzki is no longer an All-NBA player, and no one expects him to be at the age of 43.

Having said that, the future Hall of Fame big man can still play at a high level, and he closed the 2021-2021 season as a focal point for the Dallas Mavericks.

Here are all his nicknames in NBA

Over the years, Nowitzki has acquired nicknames from fans, teammates and even his coaches due to the way he moves on the basketball court.

1. Dirk Diggler

This name was obviously inspired by the movie Dirk Diggler.

2. The German Wunderkind

A name that showed his extraordinary self and reminded him of his small suburban hometown of Wurzburg, Germany


3. Dunking Deutschman

The Dunking Deutschman was given to him due to his ability to suspend a lot longer in the air while scoring a basket.

4. The Germanator

Obviously, this name was inspired by the Terminator movie series acted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dirk’s toughness and strength were appreciated mostly by the fans.

5. The Big Mummy

In a 2017 tweet, Dirk said his then-teammate, Darrell Armstrong referred to him as the big mummy despite Armstrong’s huge toe/foot.

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