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Did Tommy Lee Jones win an Oscar for The Fugitive?

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Did Tommy Lee Jones win an Oscar for The Fugitive?

Tommy Lee Jones won the Oscars with the Fugitive.

Hollywood occasionally bestows Oscars for political motives; the rivalry that year was fierce.

Starring Ralph Fiennes as Schindler

What’s Eating, Leo Di Caprio Grape, Gilbert (at a young age, much better than Johnny Depp and a remarkable acting, more impacting than Jones, for sure)

In the Line of Fire, starring John Malkovich

In the Name of the Father by Pete Postlethwaite (Amazing movie and performance, you feel his struggle).

Even though I like Tommy Lee Jones’ performance and can still recall some of his lines, I was shocked to see that he had won that particular year.

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The Fugitive was a great movie, but something doesn’t sound right about this.

It’s possible that the academy believed he should have won in JFK, two years earlier, and that this was a reparation prize.

Similar to Leonardo DiCaprio, it was a form of restitution for The Revenant.

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