Did Thom Yorke fix his eye?

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Thomas Edward Yorke, an English musician best known as the rock band Radiohead’s main singer and composer, was born on October 7, 1968.

He is a multi-instrumentalist who primarily performs on guitar and keyboards and is recognized for his falsetto. According to Rolling Stone, one of the greatest vocalists in history as well as one of the most important individuals of his generation.

Did Thom Yorke fix his eye?

The lead singer of the band Radiohead, Thom Yorke, once felt a lot of self-consciousness about his peculiar eye. The musician’s right eye was welded shut at birth, and although it was opened through corrective surgery, it still looks visibly different.

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He acknowledges that as a youngster, he didn’t like it, but that the time a woman called it his “greatest feature” gave him a tremendous confidence boost.

The breakout song by Radiohead, “Creep,” was released in 1992 after the band signed with Parlophone in 1991. Over 30 million records were sold, and the band went on to win praise from critics. The Pixies and R.E.M. were among Yorke’s earliest musical influences.

Yorke made the switch to electronic music with Radiohead’s fourth album, Kid A (2000), influenced by Warp artists like Aphex Twin. For Radiohead’s albums and his other projects, Yorke works with Stanley Donwood to create the artwork. He regularly incorporates “erratic” dancing into his presentations.

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