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Did Kaakie diss MzVee in “Sankwas”?

Kaakie and MzVee

Once ‘Queen of Ghana Dancehall’, Kaakie, has fully returned to the music scene after a long break to study nursing at the University of Ghana, Legon.

After her national service, she returned with a Dancehall influenced Afro-pop single titled “Sankwas” featuring NKZ record label owner, Guru.

With lyrics which clearly throw shades at fellow songstresses especially the one who took her place as the Queen of Dancehall in her absence, “Sankwas” is no doubt a diss song.

Kaakie, who sang the chorus throughout the danceable tune, started off with lyrics which is an apparent diss. She sang “You wanna move like me/you wanna dutty whine like me/you wanna see we fall/but we rise above ’em all/them try hard to be we/but they end up skinny and lean/they wanna sing like we.”

Some portions of her chorus especially the part that sings “them try hard to be we/but they end up skinny and lean” could refer to only one Dancehall musician who is very ‘skinny and lean’ — and I am talking about MzVee. The other portions talk about someone trying to take in charge in her absence.

In her bridge that says “Opposition want burry we/Them no no say we dey chew weed” is evident enough for every music lover to know how she felt while she was out of the scene.

She fumed in her verses spitting bars in anger. She talked about her fellows hating her and backbiting.
Backing him was Guru, who also talked about ‘processes in life’ circle which proved the song is complete diss song.

We don’t want to draw a premature conclusion, so we ask, was “Sankwas” purposely made for MzVee? If no, share your views with us.

Listen to “Sankwas” below.

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