Denise Russo cause of death: How did Denise Russo die?

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A reality TV star from the United States has passed away, best known for her role on VH1’s “The X-life.”

As per reports, the entertainer was tracked down oblivious on Sunday on the floor of her companion’s San Diego townhouse.

She has given the all-clear shortly after, despite the efforts of emergency personnel to revive her.

Susie Stenberg, Denise’s castmate and friend, claims that when she passed away, she was homeless and living in her car.

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Denise Russo’s partner or boyfriend, is her surviving spouse.
Denise Russo and Pierre-Luc Gagnon had a son together.
Before she passed away, Denise Russo was thought to have a net worth of one million dollars.

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 Denise Russo cause of death: How did Denise Russo die?

The cause of Denise Russo’s death has yet to be revealed. She was discovered unresponsive on the floor of a friend’s San Diego apartment on Sunday.

The age of Denise Russo is 44.