David Mawuli defends Kuami Eugene’s “thievery”


David Mawuli

Lynx Entertainment’s Kuame Eugene over the weekend became the subject of trolls because according to social media users in Ghana, he stole the lyrics for his current song, Confusion.

According to them, the original song is for Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance’ and that of Kuami Eugene is a straight translation of the song from French to English.
But in a post on Facebook defending Kuame Eugene, celebrity blogger, David Mawuli said “Yes, Kuami Eugene’s ‘Confusion’ and Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance’ sound similar. Just carefully listen to the rhythm.
But, in art, remaking is normal especially when done better. I personally see nothing new about modern art.
All the pieces of stuff our artists are bringing up today have been in existence.
Let’s all enjoy the better version of Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance’.
The video has over 300k views in 4 days and trending at no.1 on YouTube.
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