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Daunte Wright death: What weapon did Kim Potter use to kill Daunte Wright?

Kim Potter
Kim Potter

Kimberly Potter (also known as Kim Potter) faces manslaughter charges in the fatal April shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Twelve jurors in the trial of former Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter went into a meeting on Monday and concluded on deliberations, according to a notice posted on the Hennepin County Court’s website.

The 12 juror panel is expected to resume deliberating on Tuesday.  

Who is Daunte Wright?

Daunte Wright is a citizen of America, who was shot dead by police officer Kimberly Potter at Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, United States.

The 20-year old was shot dead on April 11, 2021, in a tussle with police officers in Minnesota.

What caused the death of Daunte Wright?

Potter was training a new officer when that officer decided to pull Wright over for expired license plate tags and an air freshener hanging from his mirror. Wright was with his girlfriend he was shot.

What weapon did Kim Potter use to kill Daunte Wright?

Officer Kimberly Potter, a 26-year police veteran, had intended to stun the man with her Taser gun but accidentally killed the black man with her handgun.

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