Damon DeLaPaz siblings: Who are Damon DeLaPaz siblings?


Damon DeLaPaz is an American drummer, guitarist, and songwriter who was born on July 22, 1974. He was a founding member of the punk rock bands Sing The Body Electric, 30footFALL, Demasiado, and Fenix TX. Additionally, he has a solo instrumental album called Sci-Fi/Horror.

Damon DeLaPaz siblings: Who are Damon DeLaPaz siblings?

The media is unaware of Damon DeLaPaz’s siblings.

Early in the 1990s, lead singer Butch Klotz and then-drummer Rubio Cisneros sought out DeLaPaz to join 30 Foot Fall as a drummer. 30 Foot Fall’s popularity increased while on tour in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. By this time, the band had created a distinctive sound resembling early NOFX or incorporating elements created by Minor Threat.

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On the “Elementary School Love” 7″, DeLaPaz made his debut as a member of the group. Following the recording and release of their debut full-length album, Divided We Stand, on Fuzzgun Records in 1995, 30 Foot Fall started a protracted US tour and eventually developed a sizable underground fan base. The band released the Junior High Sucked 7″ as a follow-up to their first LP, and Fearless Records signed them and produced their next record, Acme-143, in 1996. During the band’s most active years, DeLaPaz toured extensively with them before moving to California with his other band, Fenix TX.

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