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Corpse Husband face: Pictures of Corpse Husband’s real face

corspe husband
Corpse Husband face: Pictures of Corpse Husband’s real face

YouTuber and musician Corpse Husband has a loyal fanbase, with millions of fans around the world, but has done so without ever revealing his face.

Although lots of Corpse face reveal rumors have spread around, we still don’t know for sure what he looks like.

He is best known for his very deep, distinguishable voice, which makes reading his horror stories entertaining and frightening for listeners.

He prefers to read true horror stories, whether they are sent in from his subscribers, or from subreddits such as LetsNotMeet and NoSleep.

Corpse Husband face: Pictures of Corpse Husband’s real face surface online

One notable thing about Corpse is that he is a ‘faceless’ creator, meaning he has never shown what he actually looks like online, instead portraying himself through a series of avatars.

On September 26, several posts gained traction on Twitter that claimed to show Corpse Husband’s face reveal.

The closest fans have gotten to seeing the real Corpse Husband is in a YouTube video with Anthony Padilla, titled “I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS.”

In the video, Corpse himself appears but keeps his face covered by his logo.

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