COCOBOD’s GHC30,720 domain name purchase could be true. Here is why

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The GHC30,720 Ghana Cocoa Board spent on a domain name purchase could be true. COCOBOD has been under pressure over what many suggested it was a fishy move in buying a domain name at such amount.

According to the Public Relations Officer of COCOBOD, Noah Ameyah, they spent $8,000 (equivalent to 30,720.00 Ghanaian Cedi) just on the said domain name for their website because it had some special security features that would prevent it from being hacked. And this caused a stir on and off social media with many suggesting a rot.

But a Facebook post by one IT expert called Divine Puplampu gives a clear knowledge on what the domain name purchasing entails.

Devine wrote (unscripted):
“On Cocoa Board Domain wahala….$8k for domain name? Yes it’s possible…..Here is a simple Kpaku Education on Domain Name:

Before your website is live and visible to the world, you will need a Domain Name and Hosting. 
In simple terms…let’s use your SIM Card and Mobile Phone. Domain name = SIM Card and Hosting = Mobile Phone. To get your website on the internet, you need a Domain name and Hosting. Just like you will need a SIM in your phone to make a call. Your Domain name is unique…just as your phone number.

You may request for a special or “premium” number from any of the telcos and they will charge you x1000s of how much a SIM usually sells on the market. Same applies to a Domain name. Premium domains can sell for millions of dollars.

Yes…so domain names can be expensive. Facebook spent millions of dollars to protect her brand online by buying almost any domain with “facebook” in it. They spent $8.5m to buy alone.
For the Cocoa Board thingy, they didn’t give much information for independent verification of claim. But yes…$8k for a domain name is definitely possible!

By the way…if you need to develop a website…or need some consultancy for a tech project…..hit me up wai….I can assure you I’ll not charge you $8k for domain name if you don’t have money :)”

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