Clare-Hope Ashitey career earnings and net worth

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Clare-Hope Ashitey is a beautiful British actress who has been acting for a while now. She is best known for her role in the Netflix series “Seven Seconds”.  As an actress, she has starred in movies such as “Children of Men” and “Exodus” and TV series such as “Top Boy” and “Mrs. Biggs” just to mention a few.

She has been active professionally since 2005. This article will dive into her career, especially the financial aspect of it to know her career earnings so far.

Continue reading to know Ashitey’s net worth as well as her annual income as an actress.

What is Clare-Hope Ashitey worth?

Close to two decades of acting professionally, Ashitey is said to have made enough fortune for herself as far as her finances are concerned.

According to the information gathered after a successful dive into her finances, she happens to have an estimated net worth of $2 million as of now.

How much does Clare-Hope Ashitey make a year?

As an actress, her annual income is not a fixed one, hence, we will be looking at her average annual income.

She is said to walk home with an average annual income of $150K.

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