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Chris Cuomo denies trying to influence media coverage to brother’s harassment allegations

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Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo 

Chris Cuomo denied attempting to influence media coverage of his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew was facing sexual harassment charges, in his first sit-down interview since being sacked by CNN.

Cuomo was fired in December when it was revealed that he functioned as an informal consultant to his brother while still anchoring his weekly CNN talk show.

Cuomo told NewsNation’s Dan Abrams, “I never contacted any media that were covering my brother to attempt to influence their coverage.” I am always in contact with members of the media.”

“But you claimed, ‘I never called the press about my brother’s problem,'” Abrams said. You did make phone calls to

The whole interview will air on Tuesday evening. According to NewsNation, Cuomo would also discuss sexual harassment charges, among other things.

Cuomo’s attorneys filed a $125 million arbitration complaint against CNN in March, claiming that top CNN officials, including then-network president Jeff Zucker, were aware of the help he was providing to his brother.

“There were no secrets, and I never lied.” Cuomo informed Abrams.

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