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Chris Brown claims he has 15,000 unreleased songs in latest interview

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Chris Brown recently claimed in an appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast that he has over 15,000 unreleased songs in his vault.

Brown who is known for being a prolific recording artist has raised eyebrows and is hard to believe even for someone as productive as him.

In addition to this claim, Chris Brown has been in the spotlight for various reasons. During the MTV VMAs, cameras repeatedly cut to Selena Gomez for her reactions, and when Chris Brown’s name was announced as a nominee for Best R&B, Gomez’s visible frown became a viral meme on the internet.

Chris Brown has also been praised for his performances and talent, with some comparing him to legends like Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

50 Cent even shared a painting on Instagram depicting Brown receiving the crown from Michael Jackson, although this post received mixed reactions from fans.

what do you think about this claim from the “Summer Too Hot” singer?

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