Chinese man sentenced to death by hanging for killing Nigerian girlfriend in Kano

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In Kano State, a Chinese man killed his Nigerian girlfriend, Ummukulsum Buhari, and was sentenced to hang execution.

The state authorities accused 47-year-old Geng Quandong of criminal homicide in connection with Ms. Buhari’s passing.

In September 2022, Mr. Quandong killed Ms. Buhari, 23, at the Janbalu quarters because she was allegedly refusing to marry him after he had allegedly taken advantage of her.

Mr. Quarong was found guilty of the murder and given a hanging death sentence by the Kano State High Court.

Sanusi Ado-Ma’aji rendered a ruling in which she stated that the prosecution had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The testimony provided by the defendant is erratic. “I declare him guilty,” the magistrate declared.

Speaking on behalf of the sentenced individual, the court did, however, provide a chance for a reprieve, adding, “I hereby recommend mercy by the Kano State Governor.”

The prosecution’s attorney, Haruna Dederi, the attorney general of Kano State, informed the court that the defendant had committed the crime on September 16, 2022, at Janbulo Quarters in Kano.

He stated that the dead was stabbed with a knife at her Janbulo Quarters Kano home on that date at approximately nine o’clock at night by the convicted for unknown reasons.

“The victim was taken to the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kano, where a medical professional pronounced her dead.

Four exhibits and six witnesses were called by the prosecution after the defendant entered a not guilty plea to the allegation.

Based on the prosecutor’s assessment, the offense violates Penal Code section 221(b).

Five exhibits, one additional witness, and the defendant himself were all presented for self-defense by the defense attorney, Muhammad Dan’azumi.

As per section 313 of the ACJL, Mr. Dan’azumi pleaded with the court to grant the defendant the right to be granted mercy.

The prisoner testified, “I didn’t kill Ummulkhulsum on purpose; instead, I stabbed her in self-defense after she grabbed my testicles.”

He begged the judge to balance the verdict between justice and mercy.

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