Charles Kimbrough children: Meet son John Kimbrough

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Charles Kimbrough was an American actor and voice actor born in  Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. He was born to his parents on May 23, 1936, but sadly passed away on January 11, 2023, in Culver City, California, United States, aged 86. He is best known for having played the straight-faced anchorman Jim Dial on Murphy Brown.

He was a widower who was marrieds once and has a son who has been identified as John Kimbrough. In this article, we will dive into the personal life of his son to know more about him.

Charles Kimbrough children: Meet son John Kimbrough

John Kimbrough is a celebrity kid who happens to be the son of the late American actor and voice actor, Charles Kimbrough.

He was born to the actor and Mary Jane Kimbrough. He is a musician who is a member of Valley Lodge – an American power pop band from New York City. He has been with the band since 2005.

There is little information about his personal life since he has decided to keep his details away from the general public.

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