Cassie Dorries: Who is Nadine Dorries’ daughter?

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Nadine Vanessa Dorries

Nadine Vanessa Dorries is a British politician and an author. She is serving as the member of parliament for mid Bedfordshire since 2005.

She belongs to the Conservative Party and has been serving as the Secretary of State for Media, Culture, Sports and Digital since 2021.

Who is Nadine Dorries’ daughter Cassie Dorries?

Nadine had three daughters with her ex-husband, Paul Dorries. The two divorced in 2007 after more than two decades of marriage.

Cassie Dorries is the third of Nadine’s three daughters. Cassie’s siblings are Jennifer Dorries and Phillipa Dorries.

Cassie Dorries age and birthday

Cassie’s date of birth is unknown.

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Cassie Dorries occupation

Cassie is known to be in acting and media. In 2010, she acted in a movie titled Daybreak.

Not many movies of Nadine’s last girl has been seen since then. Just like her sisters, Cassie has maintained a life free from the public eye.

Is Cassie Dorries in a relationship?

Cassie keeps her personal life very private. Not much is known about who she is dating.

Cassie Dorries net worth

Cassie’s net worth is estimated around $1 million.

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