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Carole D’Andrea children: Robin Morse, Hilary Morse, Andrea Doven

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Carole D’Andrea and her ex-husband

Carole Ann D’Andrea is American actress known for starring in the movie, west side story in 1961.

She was born on August 28, 1937 in Altoona Pennsylvania in the United States.

Carole D’Andrea was married to Robert Morse from 1961 to 1981. Robert Morse is a singer and an actor. He married Elizabet Roberts after he divorced Carole D’Andrea.

On her Instagram page @celebrateartists, it seems she is now training singers and upcoming actors/actresses.

Carole D’Andrea children: Meet Robin Morse, Hilary Morse and Andrea Doven

Carole D’Andrea has three children from her previous marriage with Robert Morse.

Robin Morse, their last child just like both parents is an actress. She was born in New York on July 8, 1963. Robin Morse is best known for her role in the movie, The First Wives Club.

Best known for featuring in Girlfriend from Hell in1989, Hilary Morse is also an actress. She was born on February 9, 1966 in New York. She the second child of Carole D’Andrea and Robert Morse.

Andrea Doven was born into the family business. She starred in The peacemaker Kelly Girl in 1997. Born in New York on December 26, 1961, Andrea Doven is married to Michael Doven an American photographer.

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