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Caleb Watson: Who is Bubba Watson’s son?

bubba watson
Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is an American professional golfer with multiple wins. He’s been married to the former basketball player, Angie Watson since 2004.

Who is Bubba Watson’s son Caleb Watson?

Caleb Watson is the first and only adopted son of Bubba Watson and Angie Watson. He was a month old when he was adopted by the couple.

Angie and Bubba Watson adopted a daughter later in 2014.

Caleb Watson age and birthday

Caleb’s exact date of birth has not been published but he was a month old when he was adopted.

His adopted fell through in March 2012. This means Caleb’s actual date of birth is somewhere February, 2012.

His age is estimated to be 10 years as at 2022.

Caleb Watson mom

Details of Caleb’s biological mum is unknown. His legal and adopted mum is Angie Watson.

Caleb Watson school

For security reasons, information on Caleb’s school and other personal details are kept private.

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