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Brittany Aldean dumps her Balenciaga bags, calls them ‘trashy’

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Following criticism of the company for a contentious ad campaign, Brittany Aldean shared a photo of herself on Wednesday tossing out her Balenciaga bags and other belongings.

The now-canceled Christmas advertising campaign by Balenciaga featured pictures of kids hugging teddy bears dressed in provocative ways.

Last Monday, Balenciaga withdrew the contentious images that depicted two young girls holding plush animals that had leather harnesses.

The collection supposedly contained records from a Supreme Court of the United States lawsuit addressing a federal ban against child pornography.

Aldean a mother of two, whose husband is the country music singer Jason Aldean, has previously spoken out against children, particularly those who choose to transition to a different gender.

She said to Tucker Carlson in September, that she thinks that youngsters should not be permitted to make these gender-changing decisions at such a young age.

But rather, they should have parents that love them and fight for them because they are not mature enough.

Along with Aldean, other famous people have commented on the Balenciaga scandal, including Kim Kardashian. She claims she has been rattled by the distressing photos as a mother of four.

She also claims she wasn’t able to speak because She wants to talk to their employees so she can determine for herself how this could have happened.

She also expressed how happy she was after the ads were removed.