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British national Jack Fenton dies in a Greek helicopter crash

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British national Jack Fenton dies in a Greek helicopter crash

In Greece, a man lost his life after being struck by a helicopter’s tail rotor.

It’s thought that Kent resident Jack Fenton had just gotten off the Bell 407 in Athens.

Two pilots and a member of the ground crew were detained by Greek authorities in connection with the 22-year-passing. old’s They are accused of causing a homicide negligently.

The family of a British man who passed away in Greece is being supported, according to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FDCO).

Ball Street Network in London, Mr. Fenton’s workplace, released the following statement: “Our team is in shock having just learned about this awful news.

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Mr. Fenton had just landed at an airport near to Athens as part of a group of tourists flying back from the Greek island of Mykonos in a private helicopter.

He allegedly approached the helicopter while it was still in motion while walking behind it, and the blade struck and killed him.

Despite police sources telling the BBC that the main pilot was an experienced pilot, investigators will look into whether the required procedures were followed before passengers were allowed to leave.

While the investigation is ongoing, the three guys who were detained have been freed without being charged.

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