Brent Moorer Gaskins children: Does Brent Moorer Gaskins have children?

Brent Moorer Gaskins is a Brooklyn, New York-born African-American actor. His family’s modest origins were in the Coney Island housing complexes. His mother, Louise Gaskins McClure, relocated her family to Camden, South Carolina so that her children may have a better life. She fostered in Brent a passion for excellence through diligence and persistence. Mr. Gaskins used these characteristics and his passion for the arts to launch his acting career.

Even though Brent had several prospects in mortgage banking, his Purpose continued to beckon him. God has subsequently opened innumerable possibilities for Brent after he finally heeded the call to action. Brent began his career as an extra in Captain America 3: The Civil War on June 24, 2015, and is now an established SAG (Screen Actors Guild) actor.

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In addition to Under the Dome, The Inspectors, and Containment, Brent has appeared in other films and television shows. In addition, he will feature in the forthcoming films Vice Principals, Outcast, Shots Fired, We Love You, The Death of Eva Sophia Valdez, The Six, Obamaland, and Legend of the Whitetail Deer Hunter.

Brent Moorer Gaskins children: Does Brent Moorer Gaskins have children?

Brent’s relationship status is currently unknown. There is no information on the internet stating whether Brent has children on his own or not.