Bob Lanier funeral, burial service, pictures, date, time, venue

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Bob Lanier
Bob Lanier

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver described Bob Lanier as one of the most gifted centers in NBA history.

Silver stated that Bob travels the world to teach young people about the values of basketball.

He died at age 73.

Bob Lanier funeral, burial service, pictures, date, time, venue

The funeral of Bob will be held soon.

We’ve lost one of the actual, literal giants of the sport, NBA writer Marc Stein tweeted.

“Hall of Fame center Bob Lanier was a mainstay of the NBA in the 1970s and 1980s, one of the best lefties ever, and will be greatly missed after working in the league long after he retired.”

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Fans have also expressed their respect for the basketball star.

Lanier appeared in eight NBA All-Star Games and was awarded the game’s most valuable player in 1974.

In each of his past four seasons, the athlete played 64 games or less.

“As tough and powerful as Bob was on the court, he was equally generous and effective in the community,” the Detroit Pistons stated.

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