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‘Birthdays are devilish; you’re a joker if you do photoshoot on your birthday’ – Pastor Elvis Agyemang (VIDEO)

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Ghanaian preacher Pastor Elvis Agyemang has branded those who go the extra mile by doing photoshoots for their birthdays as ‘jokers’ and the celebration itself as ‘devilish’.

In one of his recent podcast sermons that has gone viral on social media, the leader of Alpha Hour and founder of Grace Mountain Ministries is captured saying birthdays aren’t moments of celebration or focusing on looking good, but it’s a time for celebrants to ‘consult an alter’.

According to him, all that the devil wants is for people’s age to increase

“There are some people, the moment their birthdays are coming, they go to studio for photoshoot — and a night before [their birthday] they start to send the photos to their friends,” he said in a viral video obtained by

He said such people are jokers because birthday photoshoots are trends of this world.

“You are a joker; you are following the trends of this world. You don’t know what’s happening. Ask my media, evertime my birthday is about to hit, they ask for my pictures. I’ve never posed for pictures for my birthday.”

“If you know the thing called birthday, you won’t be taking new pictures.  All that the devil wants is for your age to increase. All that you are doing is increasing in numbers; but not the glory. You are only adding in numbers.

But what you don’t know is that there’s a glory in numbers and that’s what satan targets. Don’t you know where they produce destinies on birthdays? That every birthday, you must consult an alter,” he claimed.

His sermon was criticised by social media users who disagreed with him.

“You are not making any sense out of what u saying. You mean to tell me since childhood(from high school) till now u don’t be sending pics to ya friends on ya birthday. Be in ya corner and pray to God he will answer all ya heart desires and stop wasting ya money and time going to Alpha Hour.

Every time Alpha hour whiles u gotta make money and support Families in need. Where in the Bible does it say Christ was born on this exact date, yet you Christmas,” Instagram user @j_blaq6 said.

Another user @kleensl8 said: “So if GOD has taken care of you for a full year, it’s satanic to thank GOD and celebrate that day? It’s okay to take pictures on other days but not on ur birthday? What if u take the pictures a week before the birthday and post it on ur birthday, is that one too satanic, hmmm Asem ooo.”

Watch the full video below.

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