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BBC Reviews ban on TikTok following security concerns

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The BBC, which is a big media company in the United Kingdom, is thinking about not using TikTok anymore because of some concerns about privacy and security. They told their employees to delete the TikTok app from their work phones, except if they need to use it for their jobs. This is different from before because the BBC used to like TikTok and even hired people to help them make videos for it.

TikTok, the company that makes the app, said they were “disappointed” by this decision and that people are worried about the app’s security for no reason.

The BBC said that they are reviewing the situation and will let their employees know what they decide. Some people who work at the BBC have been worried about using TikTok for a while because they think it might not be safe. TikTok has been accused of tracking reporters who work for big news companies, like Forbes and the Financial Times.

Other media companies, like DR in Denmark, have also told their employees not to use TikTok. TikTok said they are working on making the app more secure for people who use it in Europe.

Even though the BBC might not use TikTok as much anymore, it can still be used for things like news and marketing. Lots of people in the UK and all around the world like using TikTok, and the BBC has lots of followers on the app.

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