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Angie Watson: Who is Bubba Watson’s wife?

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Angie Wattson, wife of Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is American golfer with multiple professional wins.

He is one of the few left-handed golfers currently on PGA tour.

Angie Watson: Who is Bubba Watson’s wife?

Bubba Watson’s wife is Angie Watson.

She is a Canadian who played basketball professionally until she was injured. Angie suffered a dislocation in her kneecap.

Aside the injury sustained, she was diagnosed with enlarged pituitary gland in 2009.

How did Bubba Watson meet his wife?

Bubba met Angie in Georgia. He was on the golf team and she was on the women’s basketball team.

Is Bubba Watson’s wife Canadian?

Angie is Canadian born in Toronto on June 11, 1977.

During Angie’s basketball career, she represented the Canadian National Olympic Team.

Who are their children?

After Angie found out she couldn’t have children naturally, the couple adopted their two children.

The first they adopted was their son, Caleb Watson in March 2012. Caleb was a month old at the time of the adoption.

In 2014, they adopted their second child, a girl, and named her Dakota Watson.




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