Alley Mills siblings: Hilary Mills Loomis, Tony Mills

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Alley Mills
Alley Mills

Alley Mills is no new name to the people of America who see her as a screen goddess who never disappoints.

Alley Mills has been playing the role of Norma Arnold, the mother in the coming-of-age series The Wonder Years which is aired on the ABC network.

Alley Mills has also played the role of Pamela Douglas, the sister of the late Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester, on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Alley Mills siblings: Hilary Mills Loomis, Tony Mills

Alley Mills who is also known by some people as Norma Arnold is a popular American actress who has two siblings.

Alley Mills’s two siblings are Hilary Mills Loomis and Tony Mills.

Hilary Mills Loomis doesn’t get or want the attention of people just like what happens to Alley Mills. As said, there is absolutely not enough information about Hilary Mills Loomis.

Tony Mills is also in the entertainment industry. He was a famous singer who died on September 18, 2019, from terminal pancreatic cancer. He had been working.

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