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Alexander Skarsgård gay: Is Alexander Skarsgård gay?

Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård, popularly known as Alexander Skarsgård, was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the eldest son of well-known actor Stellan Skarsgård.

Actors Gustaf Skarsgrd, Bill Skarsgrd, and Valter Skarsgrd are among his siblings.

His father was an accomplished actor in Europe, but he had not yet gained an international reputation.

Alexander was nurtured in a working-class Swedish community by parents who wanted their children to have a regular childhood.

He studied and began acting when he was eight years old. He eventually worked in films and on Swedish television till he was 16.

He has since gone on to become one of the most famous actors in the world starring in films like Game of Thrones, Melancholia (2011), Straw Dogs (2011The East (2013) and Tarzan.

Is Alexander Skarsgård gay?

No, the actor isn’t gay but has been playing gay roles in his acting career.

When asked if it was ‘weird’ to know that homosexual guys adored him, Skarsgård responded no.

He went on to say “That’s quite flattering. It’s always been normal to me since my uncle and godfather is homosexual, and growing up, even as a child, it felt just as natural as being straight.” 

He added that “My aunt would arrive with her husband, then my uncle with his husband.’ He was, by far, the most fashionable and trendy, cool person among my father’s four brothers. So he was the one I looked up to as a youngster. I felt he was a manly man: fit, amazing, and cool, and not because he was gay.”

Who is Alexander Skarsgård married to?

Alexander who is very much active on social media doesn’t reveal too much information about his personal life. He is however rumored to be seeing someone.

Does Alexander Skarsgård have children? Who are they?

Even if the Swedish actor has children, he has done an incredible job keeping them out of the media space.

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