Adin Ross apologises to Andrew Tate after causing his arrest

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Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were taken into custody by Romanian authorities in December 2022 on charges of rape, people trafficking, and organizing a criminal organization. But in March 2023, after a few months, they were freed from detention.

The Tate brothers were put under house arrest for four months before being allowed to go, but not before receiving an order not to leave Romania. On March 11, 2024, nevertheless, Romanian officials detained the Tate brothers once more with the intention of extraditing them to the United Kingdom.

The boys’ final plot to flee Romania was later discovered through a video from Kick streamer Adin Ross’s broadcast, for which he has since apologized to the brothers.

Following Andrew Tate’s arrest due to a Kick feed, Adin Ross apologizes. “Andrew Tate’s team confirmed that I f**ked up, and Tate told me,” Adin remarked during the Kick broadcast. “Thank God he wasn’t put back in there because I would have felt so bad about what I did.”

Following Andrew Tate’s arrest, Adin claimed to have spoken with him and told his audience, “Dude, just come to Romania. Tate had spoke to me.” I want to provide what my people, your people, desire to see. I forgive you, you’re okay, let’s do some content.

Following legal processes in Romania, the Bucharest Court of Appeal determined that both Andrew and Tristan Tate will be extradited to the UK. Nevertheless, a trial date has not yet been set.

The Tate brothers’ plans to leave the UK were reported to the authorities by the law company McCue Jury & Partners, who also stated in an interview with the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that one of their sources was a video from Adin Ross’ stream.

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