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87-year-old bags college degree after nearly 7 decades

Rene Neira 1

Age is just a number and this has rightly been proved yet again by 87-year-old Rene Neira.

The heartwarming story of Neira graduating with his granddaughter will certainly win your hearts.

Neira received a bachelor’s degree in economics at the age of 87.

What makes the day more special for him is that his granddaughter Melanie Salazar graduated on the same day and joined him at the commencement ceremony.

Salazar was awarded a bachelor’s degree in BA in Mass Communications.

The 87-year-old grandfather, from Texas’s San Antonio, is terminally ill and came in a wheelchair to attend the ceremony but his illness did not stop him from participating in the event, as reported by the Indian Express.

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In 2016, Neira took admission to UTSA College of Liberal and Fine Arts and joined his granddaughter. He was 82 when he took admission again.

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