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5 signs that will make Ghanaian mothers declare you pregnant

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When a woman is pregnant, there are signs to tell but those same sings also show when she is sick or just going through abnormal health change, but some Ghanaian moms are unaware of this.

Whether or not you are pregnant, the moment you start behaving in a certain way, or showing certain signs, they will automatically pronounce you pregnant.

Below are some of the signs;

1. When you start vomiting

We all know anyone who is sick can vomit but the moment a Ghanaian mother sees you vomiting you in trouble. If you are not lucky and its in the morning, they will just give you the automatic pregnancy result. Positive.

Girl vomiting

2. Feeling cold in the afternoons

We all know the weather gets hot in the afternoon so feeling cold at that time means you are not well. But when a Ghanaian mum sees that, malaria won’t even come in her mind. They will just pronounce you pregnant.

She’s feeling cold

3. Sleeping often

Sleeping most times can be caused  by a lot of things. Sleeping late hours, tiredness, being drunk, but Ghanaian moms don’t care about that. They see you sleeping a lot, you are pregnant period!!!

GirlSleeping 1
She’s sleeping

4. Eating too much

When Ghanaian moms notice you are no eating, they will complain you will grow thin. But the moment you start eating especially, almost everything, then they will have a different thought about it – and its pregnancy.

Eating too much

5. Growing fat.

If you want to grow fat by any mean, just alert your mom because if she realises you are gaining weight and she doesn’t know how, be rest assured, you will get the question: “Are you pregnant”?

Getting fat!

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