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5 types of bags ladies carry and what you will definately find in them

Ladies are normally seen in town with big bags and people normally wonder what they keep inside them but am sure you can’t begin to imagine what they have inside. You will be surprised what they can pull out of some of those bags.

So before you go wondering why ‘bae’ changes her bags and what she carries in every on of them, check out our list of the types of bags ladies carry and what they keep in them, so you don’t get surprised when you see what she brings out of her bag.

1. The outing bag

This can also be a big purse, and ladies carry this type when stepping out for a fun time and because they don’t want it interrupting their grinding, they keep it as cute as possible, so they can keep their phone/tab/ iPad/ in it but you will definitely find one or two makeup items in it.

2.The few hours bag/ office bag

Though this the bag they carry when they are going to work or to town for some few hours, you will at least find all the makeup stuff (the lipgloss, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner etc), hairbrush and most definitely a mirror.

3. The one day bag
This is the bag they carry if they will be away from home for a day or two. Apart from their makeup bag, you can also find about two or three outfits, probably a pantie, one or two foot wears, body cream, spray, deodorant, hairbrush, mirror and maybe their power bank or charger (depending on the level of dumsor)

4. The one week bag
In this bag, you can find the constant makeup bag, some clothes, shoes/sandals/slippers (depending on which one she prefers), some panties at least, a bra or two, body cream, mirror, probably a wig cap, one or two accessories, body spray, deodorant, and the power bank or charger.

5. The one month bag
Yes! You will be surprised what you can find in the bag of a lady who is going away from home for a month or more. In this bag, the clothes are more than the ones they pick for a week so you will definitely find all types of outfits in it. Some foot wears more panties and bras, hair maintenance creams, especially if she is natural, about two wig caps at least, jewellery box/kit, spray, deodorant, body cream, mirror and the list goes on.

If you find other kinds of stuff in any of the bags from our list, don’t be surprised. Ladies love to take care of themselves and they need a lot of things to do so.

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