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13-year-old girl suffers brain injury at school

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13-year-old girl suffers brain injury at school

After suffering a brain injury on a school playground, a 13-year-old girl was placed in an induced coma.

Neeka Atkinson’s family claims she was snatched up by the neck by an unknown youngster and ‘placed’ on her head into the concrete ground at Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull.

The child was conscious at first, then she began having fits and was brought to the hospital.

‘She started fitting, her eyes were rolling, and she was nauseous,’ her sister Alisha explained.

‘Neeka was rushed to hospital, they induced her into a coma and did a CT scan immediately.

‘They found that she had a big blood clot on her brain and also a bleed on the brain. Within minutes she was rushed to surgery that she was in for four hours.

‘They said any further hospitals they try to send her to will be too far and she won’t make it.’

Neeka is claimed to have regained consciousness but is unable to communicate since she can only use the right side of her face.

Her sister stated that she inquired with her grandmother if she was ‘dead’ because her body was not functioning normally.

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