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13 Ghanaian celebrities accused of skin bleaching

Skin bleaching or skin lightening as the culprits prefer to call is not something new in Ghana and the Ghanaian showbiz as well. Most of us have witnessed bunch of family members, neighbours and bunch of top celebrated personalities who have tried to get rid of the ‘black’ skin tone for a ‘white’ complexion with the notion that they would look ‘fresh’ as they best described.
From time immemorial, many activists in Ghana have condemned the act with countless ‘skin bleaching’ campaigns. The recent one was anti-skin bleaching campaign themed “Say No To Skin Bleaching” launched by movie producer and actress, Ama K. Abebrese.
With massive support from winner of Miss Malaika Ghana 2012, Hamamat, actress Nana Ama Mcbrown and actress/singer Paulina Oduro, Ama K. mounted huge billboards in Accra to raise the skin bleaching and toning awareness.
It was successful, but not too successful because some Ghanaians including celebrities have proven adamant to the campaign.
The latest on the skin bleaching radar is boxer Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku. Photos of the maverick boxer recently hit social media, leaving everyone wondering why a person of his calibre decided to look white.
He gave some unintelligent reasons saying his wife influenced him and the funniest is that, he wants to become Ghana’s ambassador to Germany. Aside just bleaching, the boxer cum singer spends a ridiculous amount of money on the chemical he bleaches with. According to him, he spends GHC1,000.00 weekly just on bleaching. Isn’t that ridiculous?
 Social media slammed him – in fact, a well-deserved one in my opinion.
Today, David Mawuli wants to take you back to 13 Ghanaian celebrities have been accused and as well trolled for allegedly bleaching their skin. See below the list below;

1. Nana Acheampong

Nana Acheampong
Highlife musician, Nana Acheampong

The former Lumba Brothers group member is one of my Highlife mentors from childhood. But, Nana’s look changed from time to time until his appearance looked different from the normal black skin we used to see. In his recent music videos, you can clearly see the changes in his complexion and that’s very bad.

2. Daddy Lumba

DaddyLumba 1
Highlife legend, Daddy Lumba

The Highlife legend’s music is superb but his look is nothing good to buy. A website recently noticed his hidden skin transformation and exposed him. His bleaching became clear in his video for “Nea Wo Ho Beto Wo” or popular called “Yentie Obiaa” but only God knows when he will stop. He has been ill of late and we don’t want to suggest that it is as a result of his constant skin bleaching.

3. Kingsley Kwasi Kyerementeng aka Ajos

Kingsley Kwasi Kyerementeng aka Ajos

The Akan drama star’s skin bleaching transformation was recently seen. When social media started creating buzz about his skin bleaching, he came out to deny. Ajos told presenter Mz Gee, in an interview that “I have not bleached; my complexion is one of the things I took from my mother.” We can’t tell how clear or true his claim is.

4. Ama Boahemaa

Gospel musician, Ama Boahemaa

The Germany based Ghanaian Gospel musician came under massive pressure and criticism in 2014 after her skin bleaching photos hit online. According to her, the Germany weather and too much condensed milk constituted her bleached skin. Do you believe her?

5. Slim Buster

Slim Buster

In 2014, Ghana’s Michael Jackson as he is affectionately called was accused of bleaching his skin. Some music lovers took to Twitter to bash her and even described him as an albino. That’s hash right?

6. OD4

Ghanaian rap artiste, OD4

Do you remember the “Darling” hitmaker? I know right. He was also accused a year ago when he made appearance on a stage for the first time in many years. A youth event which was organised in Gbawe, Accra saw the rapper take over the stage in a new look. He is naturally fair in complexion but his new skin tone raised eyebrows.

7. Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson’s skin bleaching transformation

Although with evidence in her skin bleaching transformation, actress Yvonne Nelson has always denied this allegation. She claimed she used Cocoa Butter – a skin product by Uniliver Ghana Limited. No further comments!

8. Christabel Ekeh

Actress Christabel Ekeh

In December 2014, a reader of Ghanacelebrities.com wrote to the site alerting readers on Christabel Ekeh’s gradual complexion change. The writer alleged and compared her old and new photos as evident to buttress the actress’ skin bleaching process. Ekeh hasn’t come out to deny such rumours.

9. Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger before and after photos

Even with clear evidence, the actress and on-air personality says she is not bleaching. See this photo and tell us what you think.

10. Bishop Obinim

Bishop Obinim

Obinim who is currently the most popular Ghanaian pastor due to his involvement in endless scandals has also been accused of bleaching. Actress Afia Schwarzenegger who engaged him in a hot give-and-take lip battle accused the pastor of bleaching and this drew everyone’s attention to Obinim’s skin bleaching. Obinim hasn’t denied this though.

11. Diamond Appiah


The controversial singer who is now a politician has also been accused of bleaching. She created her skin bleaching attention when she launched her own skin bleaching product in 2015 but she has come out to deny the accusations.

12. Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim Bleaching Cream
Juliet Ibrahim on Carotone billboard

As for the fair skin actress, she wasn’t bleaching but advertised for a skin bleaching product called Carotone. This sparked controversy and she was heavily criticised on and off social media.
When the skin bleaching issue became intense, she took to Twitter to address the issue saying “Those accusing others of bleaching obviously needs to bleach their brains; common sense is a necessity in life and bleaching brains will help! Funniest bs talk I hv ever heard! Lmao, people are so dumb jeez, how can a mixed race/ mulatto be accused of bleaching? Like seriously? Lmao.”

13. And here comes the bold, vibrant and brave over-all boss of bleaching, Bukom Banku. He has confirmed it so we won’t say much!

Bukom Banku before and after

Share your views with us.

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