10 lies men tell when caught

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Its fascinating how men concoct stories to justify their infidelity.

If you’ve ever come across a caught cheating boyfriend or husband, then you know how creative men can get in that department. Some go defensive and end up blaming their women for their choices. That’s unfair right?

Lets delve straight into 10 lies men tell and some of these lies will crack your ribs:

“If I got enough ( or better) s*x at home,  I wouldn’t need to cheat” My brother how many rounds of s*x do want in a day, are you a goat.
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If my Job wasn’t so stressful, I would not need to release stress elsewhere. Kurl Songsfo) since when did s*x become stress relievers.
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I’m only sexting and flirting, where’s the harm in that? Is that meant to be a rhetoric question or what.
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She made the advances, i don’t even love her like i love you. One of the most told lies. you even have the gust to talk about love. 
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I swear its my first time, it wont happen again. Don’t be fooled it sure won’t be the last and it isn’t his first time either. Every thief is a novice when caught.

I didn’t know what I was doing. This particular one chucks me. I thought we always in the know especially with our own choices, Its always the excuse of,  i had too much to drink or the most outrageous one, it was the devil. 

Its not what it seems. My brother its exactly as it looks. It definitely cant get any realer than that.

Its your imagination, you’re being overly dramatic. My sister you aren’t mad, you haven’t lost your sanity, he’s cheating don’t second guess yourself.
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I’ve changed, I am a new creature. Pastorfo), these guys will immediately become born again. Mind you, you do not get up and stop being unfaithful.

I‘ve never seen her in my life. Then how do you have her contact and tons of pictures of her on your phone dumpa*ss

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