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10 comedy skits of Ajeezay that will get you addicted to Instagram

Ajeezay at TV3 some years ago

Photo and video-sharing App, Instgram, is getting interesting day-by-day due to emergence of both Internet and stand-up comedians who are taking advantage of the app to put smiles on the faces of it users.
Since the App emerged, comedians like Ebaby Cobby, Nigerian comedian Crazy Clown, The Spian Nozy and the ‘almighty’ Ajeezay have taken comedy to a new level — international level as I always describe.

Ajeezay recognise tradition as he is garbed in traditional Kente cloth paired with jeans and Nike Air

Ajeezay is the only Ghanaian comedian who claims he has six packs or abs under his armpit and his branding defines his comedy. Always in those google shades and white shirt with coloured stripes.
His comedy has traveled over the years and we have all seen top Ghanaian celebrated personalities who have endorsed his skits. Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, E.L, Apietus, Shaker and Samini are among the list.
We have gathered 10 of his comedy skits on Instagram that will make you addictive to the photo and video-sharing App or even feel like there’s no place more fun outside IG.
Below is the list;

1. He was enjoying one of Sarkodie’s tracks when he (Sark) annoyed him with his constant mentioning of the name “Fiifi” in the track. This got him mad and his reaction was superb!

A video posted by Ajeezay De NonfaKING (@ajeezaygh) on Aug 25, 2015 at 12:23pm PDT

2. Ajeezay describes brazier on a deck as “Bradez” (A stage name for Hiplife music duo).

A video posted by Ajeezay De NonfaKING (@ajeezaygh) on Oct 13, 2015 at 3:20am PDT

3. He felt the economy was hard, so he decided to become an arm robber. You can’t laugh!

4. He got to a job interview and he was offered a seat. See how he interpreted “Take a seat”.

5. He asked rapper E.L if the food is “Koko” or “Tom Brown”.

6. He instructed Sean Paul to perform a duty and when he asked if he has finished, Sean replied in Twi saying “Oh may3″ — meaning, ‘Oh, I have done it”.

7. He summed up all Pappy Kojo’s farts in most of his music.

8. Sarkodie must attend Children Service in his church again.

9. So he made us aware that R&B star, Chase Forever, is a stammerer.

10. And finally, this is the craziest sex tape I have ever seen! LMAO

A video posted by Ajeezay De NonfaKING (@ajeezaygh) on Dec 18, 2015 at 3:00am PST

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