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10 beautiful art works from #Chalewote2016

10 beautiful art works from #Chalewote2016 

As this years’s Chale Wote ends today, here are some of the beautiful art works that were seen at the event – as shared by some patrons on their social media platforms.

1. Beautifully amazing

2. Super cool
It funny how Gh don’t regard e folks who do this.!!!!! #ChaleWote2016 pic.twitter.com/sdDm3c8tsQ

3. Nice
A colourful mural adorning a wall at Brazil House #ChaleWote2016 pic.twitter.com/2EgYi2KIsS

4. And there were the arts that speaks
#ChaleWote2016 pic.twitter.com/x0FOmWZSmG

 5. Great artwork

6. Cute
One could be gay at the sight of good art works at #chalewote2016 @CCTetteh @AlexTackie @manuelnana101 @elike411 pic.twitter.com/S3tDV9buMn

7. Fierce
Street Art Festival in James Town. Totally crazy. pic.twitter.com/uthxib4uwW

8. How cool is this?


  9..  Do you get the vibe? lol


10. The arts that confuse us but we love


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