Who is Jeremy Renner in a relationship with after divorce?

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Sonni Pacheco said Renner has a long history of alcohol and drug misuse in 2019. The pair has been in and out of court for years, whether it be for the messy custody and child support battle or Pacheco’s accusation against Renner for threatening to murder her.

transferred around $50,000 to her accounts from their daughter’s trust fund. He asked for a reduction in the amount of child support he was supposed to pay each month because he couldn’t work during the pandemic.

The couple has engaged in a number of dirty verbal fights and has leveled severe accusations against one another. Given how it has only been worse up to this point, we can anticipate it will continue for some time, but we hope this ugly conflict is resolved.

Who is Jeremy Renner in a relationship with after the divorce?

Renner secretly wed Sonni on January 13, 2014, but the couple didn’t divorce until 2015 after separating for ten months. As they fought for custody of their daughter Ava, their divorce was fairly contentious.

Jeremy Renner, who is currently unmarried, was formerly married and had a daughter with her ex-wife; Renner managed to keep their relationship under wraps for a very long period.
In 2011, as Mission Impossible was being filmed, Jeremy came across Sonia Pacheco, her ex-wife. The union took place in January 2014.

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