Who is Harriet Hageman husband John Sundahl? Bio, age, etnnicity, children, profession, net worth

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Due to her outspoken criticisms of former President Donald J. Trump and what she sees as the threats to democracy posed by his far-right supporters, Representative Liz Cheney has garnered the majority of attention in the election for Wyoming’s lone congressional seat.

Who is Harriet Hageman husband John Sundahl?

However, Harriet Hageman, her opponent who defeated her in the Republican primary on Tuesday, has a reputation in Wyoming for tenaciously advocating for causes that are particularly important to the state’s ranchers, energy, and mining interests.

This has raised questions about her soul mate and husband at the moment.

She fought against federal laws protecting land, water, and endangered animals for decades as a trial lawyer, taking on environmentalists in America’s least populous state.

Her most significant case involved a successful challenge to Clinton-era federal laws meant to save millions of acres of National Forests from mining, road construction, and other forms of development. In 2003, a federal judge issued an injunction against the regulations.

Behind the successes chalked by the congresswoman is  John Sundhal who has been named as the celebrity husband of the 60-year-old Hageman.

In May 2018, this couple attended Orr Alignment’s silver jubilee together.

John Sundhal has written articles about brain damage research. Her husband is an expert in difficult legal disputes. He happens to be a malpractice lawyer from Cheyenne. At the moment though his day and birth month is not documented he would probably be in his mid-60s.

Moreover, as of this writing, the couple’s children are unknown probably due the fact that they have decided to hide them from the media’s eye.

John Sundhal’s net worth has been said to be over $5 million dollars from speculations.


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