What type of music does Charlie Zaa do?

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Carlos Alberto Sánchez, a musician from Colombia who was born in Girardot, Colombia, in 1974, goes by the stage name Charlie Zaa. The musician Luis Humberto Sánchez is Zaa’s father.

Both the “Grupo Niche” and “Guayacán” Colombian salsa orchestras used Zaa’s voice. He made the decision to transition to the bolero beat when he first began his solo performance career. The middle of the 1990s saw the selection of this profession.

Since Charlie Zaa began playing alone, he has released more than 10 CDs. Over three million copies of his CD Sentimientos, on which he performs a number of his earlier well-known songs, have been sold in both Latin America and the US.

He won Artist of the Year at the 1998 Billboard Latin Music Awards for his albums Sentimientos and Un Segundo Sentimiento. In an effort to top the success of his debut album Sentimiento, Zaa returned to the Sonolux studios in Bogotá to work on his fourth album with his original producer, Milton Salcedo. Zaa recorded waltzes and boleros, which were traditional love songs.

What type of music does Charlie Zaa do?

Charlie Zaa plays in the musical genres of salsa, bachata, and bolero.