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What is Madelene Sagstrom’s story? Sexual abuse explained

Madelene Maria Sagström is a Swedish professional golfer who plays on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour. She won the 2020 Gainbridge LPGA at Boca Rio and was runner-up at the 2021 Women’s British Open.

What is Madelene Sagstrom’s story?

Madelene Sagstrom knows why she did it. She knows why after more than 16 years of living with unimaginable emotional pain she decided to reveal to those closest to her that at the age of 7 she had been sexually abused by a male friend in her native Sweden.

And why a year ago she took that story globally on the LPGA’s Drive On campaign, a platform for its members to share their stories.

“If I touch one life by telling my story, it will all be worth it,” she wrote.

One year later, Sagstrom, who will be back at Boca Rio, Florida this week after winning the 2020 Gainbridge LPGA, knows her story has been shared and has impacted others.

“I know it has helped because I have gotten feedback,” she said two weeks ago while at Boca Rio. “People have reached out, which makes it more beautiful for me to know it is actually helping

Now golf only partly defines Sagstrom. She has followed the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal and admires the courage of those women who have told their stories, as much as those who admire her for telling her story.

“You can relate to it,” she said. “The more advocates we get, especially sexual abuse and having that support system for people who have been abused, that’s really what it’s about. You can heal, you can become better people. You can be there for others going through the same things.

“People who do speak loudly about things, that’s the intention of being an outlet for somebody else. It doesn’t mean that people need to take it on a big stage. More the fact of just knowing that there’s somebody out there.”

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