Prince siblings: Tyka Nelson, Duane Nelson, Omarr Baker, Norrine Nelson, Alfred Jackson, Lorna L. Nelson

The seven-time Grammy Award winner sold over 100 million records in his lifetime and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He wrote songs (that you may not have even known he wrote) like “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor and Alicia Keys’ “How Come You Don’t Call Me,” and inspired the film Purple Rain (in which Prince starred).

Prince was known for his quirky food habits (he was vegan and very picky) and was romantically tied with famous women like Kim Basinger, Carmen Electra, and Madonna.

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Prince siblings

Prince’s relationship with his family was never simple. His parents(John L. Nelson and Mattie Della Shaw) had children from several marriages, and over the years these eight brothers and sisters fell in and out of favor with their famous family member.

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Now, following Prince’s unexpected death at age 57, those little-known siblings who are his likely heirs have suddenly found themselves in the public eye.

In total, then, Prince had eight siblings: one full sister, three half-sisters, and four half-brothers. Two of those siblings — a half-brother and a half-sister — died before Prince. That still leaves six relatives.

Tyka Nelson

Tyka Nelson, 55, is Prince’s only full sibling, and his little sister has taken the lead in the initial work to settle his estate. Both are children of John L. Nelson and Mattie Della Shaw, who divorced when Prince and Tyka were young and have since died.

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Alfred Jackson

Older half-brother Alfred Jackson, 63, is a Vietnam veteran who served in the Air Force and then lived for many years at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center after being honorably discharged.

Prince, Jackson, and Tyka Nelson share the same mother

Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, and John R. Nelson

Prince’s older half-sisters are Sharon Nelson, 76, and Norrine Nelson, 74, who are related to him by their father’s previous marriage.

Little is known about Norrine Nelson, but Sharon Nelson pursued a music career in New York City and released a CD in 2009 called “57th Street Sound,”

She also co-produced an EP featuring her father in 1994. And she did a musical variety show podcast from 2009 to 2011 that included an episode called “Three Generations of Music by the Nelsons,” from John L. Nelson to Prince.

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Little is known about half-brother John R. Nelson, 72, who was the only sibling who did not attend Monday’s first probate court hearing on the Prince estate. According to public records, he lives in Kansas City.

Omarr Baker

Younger half-brother Omarr Baker, 45, is the son of Prince’s mother and her second husband. Property records show he lives in a house in suburban Golden Valley that is owned by Prince, but little else is known about him.


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