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Police officer who saw a woman stealing milk and eggs says: “I did nothing”

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There are lots of police officers around the globe who see petty crimes being committed by citizens and turn a blind eye to them.

Some of them chalk it down to necessity and the growing inequality in global living standards for their refusal to act on their mandate and cause an arrest.

This was exactly what the policeman in this post did. His anonymous confession on Fesshole Twitter, a platform that affords people to post their confessions, sparked a wild debate on the platform.

He posted: “I’m a police officer. Saw a woman shoplifting foodstuffs today. Watched her steal bread, milk and eggs, chocolate, and other stuff. I accidentally forgot to do anything about it. Soz.”

The post immediately generated a moral debate against duty and the law debate among users.

Some argued strongly that it was absolutely wrong for the law enforcement officer to watch her commit a crime and allowed her to go scot-free. Others also forcefully made the case that he did it on humanitarian grounds and so there is nothing wrong with it.


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