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Nikolai Patrushev has survived an assassination attempt

Nikolai Patrushev

Vladimir Putin’s most trusted aid in the Kremlin Nikolai Patrushev has managed to survive an assassination attempt. According to news reaching us, he was allegedly poisoned by some unknown assailants.

Doctors were called in to check on him when he fell ill right after returning home from work. They recommended hospitalization because his condition was critical.

He was rushed to a hospital unit that takes care of Putin himself by FSO officers to receive treatment.

The situation was expertly taken care of by a team of doctors after which he was discharged home immediately after he became stable.

According to our sources in the Kremlin, investigations have already been initiated into the alleged assassination attempt but it is being handled in a highly classified and secretive manner.

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Patrushev has been widely reported as the favorite to succeed Putin.

He is thought to have acted as de facto president during Putin’s lengthy absences from the office.


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