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Nigerian singer Portable makes stage entry with casket

Portable, a Nigerian street-pop artist, has kept his fans entertained with his antics, the most recent of which was a theatrical entrance at a Lagos performance.

On December 28, 2022, Portable played a concert in Lagos for his followers at the New Afrikan Shrine, and he didn’t disappoint with his arrival.

A squad of six white-clad guys carried the troubleshooting street act onto the stage in a white casket.

After some traditional jolting in midair, the casket was dropped to reveal Portable in a dramatic entrance reminiscent of the legendary wrestler The Undertaker.

The entire year, Portable has been in the news for both his songs and his antics, which have included picking battles with various musicians and celebrities. He recently got into an argument with renowned street-hop master Small Doctor over what he saw was disrespect on his part in Agege.

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In general, Portable had a good year on 2022, and as a result, he was ranked No. 5 in the Pulse Artist of the Year list for that year.

His choice to use some originality in making a grand entrance during his major performance is in keeping with the Portable’s reputation for constantly coming up with novel methods to get attention.

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