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Message of the Secretary-General for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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Building a better future for everyone depends on gender parity in science. Regrettably, prejudices and structural obstacles still exist that prohibit women and girls from pursuing jobs in science.

Great talent is lost as a result of our world. As women only make about one-third of the world’s scientific community today, they are less likely than men to receive financing, publish their work, and hold senior positions at prestigious universities.

Women and girls may have restricted or no access to education in certain areas, which is a grave human rights violation and an act of self-harm for the cultures involved.

Ensuring that research benefits all is contingent upon the equal engagement of women and girls in scientific innovation and discovery, spanning across health, artificial intelligence, and climate change.

To close the gender gap, it is necessary to destroy gender stereotypes, support girls’ choice of science through role models, create programs that help women advance in the field, and foster an environment at work that values the abilities of all employees, including women from underrepresented communities.

In science, women and girls belong. It’s time to acknowledge that creativity is facilitated by inclusivity and to allow every woman and girl to reach her full potential.

distributed by APO Group on behalf of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) of the United Nations.

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