Man confesses to killing his adolescent girlfriend

Man confesses to killing his adolescent girlfriend
Man confesses to killing his adolescent girlfriend

A guy has acknowledged killing a Canadian youngster who had traveled to the UK to be with him after they met online.

Ashley Wadsworth, 19, was killed by a knife by Jack Sepple, 23, after she had traveled thousands of miles.

On February 1 of this year, she was discovered comatose at a residence in Tennyson Road, Chelmsford.

She died from “stab wounds to the chest,” according to testimony given during an inquest.

At the scene, Sepple was detained and eventually accused of killing Miss Wadsworth.

At today’s hearing in Essex’s Chelmsford Crown Court, he admitted the offence.
On a six-month tourist visa, Ms. Wadsworth left Vernon, British Columbia, for the UK in November of last year.

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After landing in the UK in November of last year, her great aunt Tova Wadsworth said that she was on the “journey of a lifetime.”

She shared pictures of her “wonderful trip to London” earlier this year on the internet.

During a brief hearing today, Sepple’s attorney stated that a psychiatrist had determined the defendant was competent to enter a plea.

When the court clerk read the lone murder accusation, Sepple, who was in the guarded dock wearing a long white shirt with sleeves and sporting tattoos on his hand and face, reacted: “I’m guilty.”

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