Mabel Cadena family, husband, children, parents, siblings

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Mabel Cadena is a Mexican film, theater, and television actress known for playing Amanda Díaz in the film El baile de Los 41 (2020) by director David Pablos, Ramira in La Goddess of Asphalt (2020) by Julián Hernández Pérez, and Tecuelhuetzin in the television series Hernán (2019).

She garnered immense attention from her hometown to Hollywood after making her debut in 2022 by joining the cast of famous Director Ryan Coogler’s film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” in which she got the chance to play the character of Namora.

Before she got the role in the film, she did not speak English nor did she know that her audition was for a Marvel film. However, she spent nine months taking English classes and physically prepared for the character in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mabel Cadena husband

Though the beautiful actress is not yet married, it is believed that she may be in a romantic relationship, however, she has not voiced anything about it.

Mabel Cadena children

Mabel is not yet a mother. She has no biological children and she is also not known t to be affiliated with any children.

Mabel Cadena parents

Mabel was born on September 23rd, 1990 in Mexico City to her lovely parents. Her mother is Dulce Cadena. However, details about her biological father is still not known to the public.

Mabel Cadena siblings

According to available reports, Mabel is not the only child of her mother, however, the number of siblings she has is not indicated.


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