Lorena Cartagena: What does Fat Joe’s wife do for a living?

Fat Joe, the rapper, and she got married. Lorena, Fat Joe’s wife, is a mother of three kids. She is not, however, the biological mother of this particular child, the eldest. Fat Joe and his wife have been together for more than 20 years. Joseph Antonio Cartagena is Lorena Cartagena’s partner.

Despite an infidelity incident that broke out in 2012, which led many to think that Lorena would be leaving Fat Joe and moving on to appear on the popular TV show Love & Hip Hop, the pair managed to patch things up.

Despite many difficulties, Fat Joe and Lorena have remained together for 26 years, which is extremely unusual in the entertainment industry.

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Lorena Cartagena: What does Fat Joe’s wife do for a living?

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Fat Joe’s wife Lorena Cartagena is a great housewife who has been with them for over 26 years.

Lorena has kept her work life discreet despite their protracted marriage and the fact that Joe has been a well-known rapper for many years. Because of this, not much is known about her.

She talked about marriage in the hip-hop scene in the 2017 music documentary Unsung. Except for her role in Unsung, Lorena has usually shied away from acting roles.

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