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Who gets a “chic” for a date this week on ‘Date Rush’?

Date Rush
Date Rush

There seems to be a mad rush for ‘chics’ on TV3’s date-matching TV reality show, Date Rush, as four guys have so far grabbed their taste and are currently on a “honeymoon”.

An all-expense-paid date is what successfully matched partners get when an eligible bachelor succeeds in convincing the 10 empanelled damsels for a date.

Two weeks down and the 13-week show is already the ‘eeish’, attracting a lot of attention and arousing humongous interest among the viewing public.

Tonight, is yet another opportunity to find out who was snubbed, bounced and who grabbed a date and for what reason.

It will also be interesting to pay attention to the dynamics that go into selecting a date as we saw in the previous week how the Tantra Hill gym guy turned on 70% of the ladies in the house.

Episode 3 of Date Rush shows tonight at 8:00 PM and it promises to be super exciting.

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