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Gerald Hathaway Wiki, age, Anne Hathaway father, job, Linkedin, net worth

Anne and dad

Anne’s fans are curious about her father because he recently portrayed her father in a movie. Let’s get to know more about Gerald Hathaway.

Gerald Hathaway Wikipedia

Gerald is the biological father of the widely known and celebrated Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway. He is known as a trusted labor and employment expert with decades of experience.

Gerald Hathaway age and birthday

Gerald is most likely in his late 60s, given Anne’s age, but his exact birth date is unknown.

Gerald Hathaway height

Gerald is a tall man, standing about five feet eleven inches tall (1.8m or 180cm).

What does Gerald Hathaway do?

He works as a labor and employment consultant who has saved clients millions of dollars by uncovering hidden labor liabilities during due diligence.

Gerald Hathaway wife and children

Gerald married Anne’s mum Kate McCauley Hathaway over four decades ago. The relationship has been blessed with two kids Anne and her two brothers Michael Hathaway and Thomas Hathaway.

Gerald Hathaway net worth

Gerald’s wealth is obvious, given that her daughter is now one of the wealthiest actresses in the Hollywood film industry. From rumors, he is worth about $20million dollars now.

Gerald Hathaway LinkedIn and Twitter

Anne’s dad is quite active on Twitter with the handle (@GeraldTHathaway) having just a hand full of followers and followings. Gerald has a professional profile on LinkedIn as well with over 500 plus connections.

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